Strategic consumer insights that keep your business fresh.

The Conversation Studio propels business growth by integrating the voice of the customer in strategic decision making.


We help you stay in tune with consumer needs in every step of the business life cycle



Get to know your target group, spot new business opportunities, generate ideas  and craft concepts.  

We offer Qualitative Deep Dives with your target groups, online Usage  & Attitude studies, (trend) desk research and expert interviews. We facilitate energizing Ideation Sessions, Concept Crafting and Concept Validation to get ready for launch.


We help you create innovation roadmaps and successfully launch new product proposition and communication campaigns.

We evaluate user experiences iteratively through qualitative and quantitative insights to optimise product propositions and create an optimal product-markt-fit. We conduct communication pretests and give input for communication briefings.


Understand what drives success and optimise product propositions to keep creating value for your customers.

We offer quantitative and qualitative research methods to get a grip on customer segments and their needs. We benchmark consumer experiences and monitor the value of the proposition by means of conjoint measurents.


Understand trends, keep a sharp eye on competition and finetune products and services.

We help you to uncover trends and keep a sharp eye on competitor development to sharpen exsiting propositions and communication. New ideas within the organisation are explored and validated with the target group.


We explore and evaluate new opportunities and ideas in an early stage by combining data from various sources such as (social / technology) trends and monitoring consumer needs.

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