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Qualitative Communication Test

What is it?

A qualitative Communication Test is used to evaluate how well a message or communication strategy resonates with a target audience. ​


The goal is to gather feedback from individuals in order to improve its effectiveness.

​This test typically involves a small sample of individuals who are representative of the target audience. Most often we use in-depth interviews. Participants are asked to review a message or communication strategy and provide feedback on its clarity, persuasiveness, relevance, and other aspects.​

​Why is it important?

Based on the feedback gathered from participants, we make recommendations for improving the message or communication strategy to better resonate with the target audience.


This test is a valuable tool for ensuring that your message is effectively communicating the desired information to the intended audience.​

When should you use it ?

Qualitative communication tests can be used in a variety of contexts, including marketing and advertising.

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What Our Clients Say

Very flexible and know how to deal with ever-changing questions.

Case Studies

Fast-paced Marcom Propositions

Fast-paced testing of marcom propositions


Helping a large international brewer to gain insights from their consumers in a fast and effective way.

Smart E-bike Service

Smart e-bike service proposition design


Designing a new data-driven e-bike service proposition that would reach different types of e-bike consumers.

International Audio Company

Communication of innovative products for an international audio company


From survey development to results in 48h for quick and consumer centric communication strategies.

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