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Benefit Value Test

What is it?

The Benefit Value Test (BVT) is a quantitative consumer study designed to unlock the most impactful benefits of products or services.


By leveraging techniques like Review Analysis, Pain & Gain Analysis, MaxDiff, Monadic Testing, KANO Model, and A/B Testing, the BVT offers in depth understanding of consumer preferences and the factors that drive their choices.

​Why is it important?

Comprehensive insight: The BVT synthesizes multiple research methodologies to provide a holistic understanding of consumer preferences, delivering deeper and more actionable insights than any single method could achieve.​​


Prioritize features: Uncover the most crucial benefits of your product or service with the BVT, empowering your business to focus on features and enhancements that maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty.​​


Competitive advantage: Stand out in the market by understanding the most impactful benefits, allowing your company to tailor offerings that cater to the specific needs and desires of your target audience.​​


Resource optimization: The BVT guides you to allocate resources more effectively, concentrating your efforts on areas with the highest potential for return on investment.​

When should you use it ?

New product development: When creating a new product or service, the BVT can help identify the features and benefits that will resonate most with potential customers, increasing the chances of a successful launch.​​


Product optimization: The BVT can guide businesses in improving existing products or services.​​


Communication enhancement: Harness the power of the BVT to craft more targeted and persuasive marketing messages, emphasizing the benefits that matter most to your customers.​

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What Our Clients Say

Very flexible and know how to deal with ever-changing questions.

Case Studies

Fast-paced Marcom Propositions

Fast-paced testing of marcom propositions


Helping a large international brewer to gain insights from their consumers in a fast and effective way.

Smart E-bike Service

Smart e-bike service proposition design


Designing a new data-driven e-bike service proposition that would reach different types of e-bike consumers.

International Audio Company

Communication of innovative products for an international audio company


From survey development to results in 48h for quick and consumer centric communication strategies.

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