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We designed a pragmatic ideation session to generate ideas grounded in relevant consumer insights. By embracing AI as a supportive tool rather than a replacement for human ingenuity, we empower your team to reach new heights of innovation. 

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AI-Enhanced Ideation Workshop 

Our AI-powered Ideation Workshop is rooted in the Design Thinking approach. It brings together consumer insights, human ideas and AI technology to inspire innovation - for brands that want to add real value. 

How does the Ideation Workshop work?

Consumer Insights

Before the workshop, we gather relevant consumer insights, market perspectives, and strategic brand pillars. These insights serve as the foundation for defining the ideation playing field, ensuring that our workshop is tailored to address your specific needs and challenges. We carefully prepare every aspect to ensure a smooth and productive workshop. This includes creating informative materials and setting up the environment for collaborative brainstorming.

Ideation Day

On the day of the workshop, your team embarks on a journey of exploration and ideation. Guided by our experienced facilitators, they delve into strategic pillars, explore market trends, and immerse themselves in opportunity areas identified during the preparation phase. This collaborative environment fosters cross-disciplinary thinking and maximizes the diversity of thought and perspective within your team. 

AI Support 

Throughout the session, our AI chatbot, powered by ChatGPT4, becomes an invaluable resource. Participants can pose questions, seek inspiration, and visualize ideas in real-time. For example, the team can leverage the chatbot to explore various 'Opportunity Domains' informed by consumer insights reports. This AI support adds a layer of efficiency and depth to the ideation process, enhancing creativity and enabling the rapid generation of innovative ideas. 

Concept Development

Following the ideation session, the core team revisits and refines the most promising ideas. With AI assistance, concepts are crafted, insights are distilled, and promises are made tangible. Our approach ensures that concepts are grounded in rich consumer understanding and strategic alignment. 

Concept Validation

We test selected concepts against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Insights from consumer feedback help us improve these concepts further, resulting in practical solutions ready for implementation.  

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Online or offline?

Wherever you are, our team is ready to facilitate dynamic and engaging ideation sessions that drive innovation and deliver results. 

Our office - located in the heart of Amsterdam - provides the perfect environment for ideation. With cozy corners, collaborative workspaces, and inspiring decor, our space is designed to spark creativity and encourage productive brainstorming sessions. 

From our experience offline ideation fosters deeper connections and richer collaboration. However, if meeting in person isn't feasible, we also offer virtual alternatives.  

Please email for info or questions. ​

"Good program, innovative approach with AI, tight timekeeping, perfect office for this and also great output."




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