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Our Resources

Our resources is a compilation of previous case studies, insight reports and blog posts that give you an insight into our work.  

Use Cases

Welcome to our case studies here we showcase how our services have been tailored to tackle different challenges and help clients achieve their goals. Explore our collection for valuable insights on successful business strategies and how our solutions can benefit your business.

Fast-paced Marcom Propositions

Fast-paced testing of marcom propositions


Helping a large international brewer to gain insights from their consumers in a fast and effective way.

Smart E-bike Service

Smart e-bike service proposition design


Designing a new data-driven e-bike service proposition that would reach different types of e-bike consumers.

International Audio Company

Innovative communication for an audio company


From survey development to results in 48h for quick and consumer centric communication strategies.

Insight Reports

As the Benefit Value Test is one of our specializations, we often conduct independent studies on products we believe can benefit from having a clearer understanding of their users and their needs in order to optimize and innovate.

Breathing Easier:
A research on the Benefits of Air Purifiers

Communicating Air Purifier benefits more effectively to win over customers


During times of viruses, allergies and common colds the use of air purifiers can help consumers maintain their health as well as reducing indoor pollutants.

Take Control Of The Road: Smart E-bike Service

Understanding e-bike benefits through the eyes of consumers

Understanding how prospective users perceive the advantages and benefits of an e-bike contributes to the better positioning of the product.

Securing Peace of Mind: A research on alarm system propositions

Improve your alarm system proposition to win over customers


There’s a large variety of security system options in the market, from simple locks and cameras to 24/7 monitored surveillance and motion detection.

Our Blog

In this blog section you can find articles that delve into customer centric insights, building effective value propositions, the importance of communicating product benefits, innovation and more…Check out our blogs to stay informed and get inspired.

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