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Consumer Market Research at high speed

In a fast-paced environment, timely decisions are crucial, and consumer market research shouldn’t slow you down. Conversation Studio is a research agency based in Amsterdam ready to conduct research in any market, obtain fast consumer insisghts, and deliver actionable recommendations.

Unsure how to do consumer research?

  • Your company values customer-centricity, but waiting weeks for consumer behavior research and consumer insights simply won't cut it.

  • Your team needs clear consumer insight to drive results

  • You want a research agency that prioritizes your success with flexible and customized solutions.

Why choose Conversation Studio as the market research agency to go to?

  • Fresh Consumer Insights: With Conversation Studio, we gather direct consumer insights from your desired market.

  • Swift decision-making: Don’t want weeks for consumer behavior research – get quick consumer insights for timely decisions.

  • Tailored for you: Our approach to market research is entirely customized, and designed to fit your unique needs

  • Beyond numbers: Our focus is on delivering quality consumer insights based on research, with clear and pragmatic recommendations.

Make your organization  customer-centric with Consumer Research Insights 

What we deliver: 

  • Quick quant and/or qual online consumer research

  • Tailored research and customized questionnaires; consumers answer your questions.

  • Actionable reports based on consumer research, along with practical recommendations

  • Personalized explanations with Q&A; we guide you through the report

Team members of The Conversation Studio

How we tailor consumer research to your needs

The process unfolds as follows: 

  • You specify your question and the target audience in our online intake form.

  • Within <24 hours, we conduct an online meeting to align on consumer research setup and materials.

  • We design and refine the survey based on your feedback.

  • After your approval, we translate and program the final questionnaire. 

  • Data collection from the desired target audience begins.

  • We ensure data quality, analyze findings, and draft a report with conclusions and recommendations. 

  • We present the findings in an online meeting to you and your team, with an opportunity to ask questions. 

With our consumer research, we are here to help you bring outside perspectives into your decision-making process, guiding your journey toward customer-centricity.

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Do you have any questions? Check out our FAQ!

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