Our recipe for successful innovation

Building blocks to design strong product and service propositions.






Re-sight means to create a shared understanding of the problem, the business opportunity, market and succes metrics.  


We dive into relevant internal documents, insight reports, talk to the CEO / business leaders, look at trends/innovations in the market and solutions of competitors to ensure a  clear and solid starting point to build upon.  

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Innovation can't start without a good understanding of the target group. By defining the knowledge gaps, we take a deep dive into customer perceptions on the category, existing product and services. 


Our research toolkit varies from (online) focus groups, individual interviews, unmoderated selfie-videos, web scraping and quantitative surveys. 

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Time to reflect on the insights we've learned so far! What can we conclude from information gathered from Re-sight and Empathize? What opportunities do we see? What are potential design routes and attributes? What are next steps to take?

At this stage it is exciting to move towards building a concept, MVP, prototype. To sharpen the 'ingredients' you want to put in it, a quantitative feature validation with tools such as MaxDiff, Conjoint and Kano analysis.

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Get ready to build, launch and learn in iterative steps. How do (potential) customers experience our new solutions? What can we optimise? Can we come up with more ideas/solutions?

Our research toolkit exists of online and offline concept tests, UX tests and online experiments. 

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Reveal your strongest product benefits

Feature Value Test

Coming up with new ideas for products and services is one thing. But how do you know what product benefits are most powerful to bring forward in your MVP, prototype or marcom materials?

No more guessing! The Feature Value Test validates the impact of product benefits on preference and satisfaction.

The Feature Value Test reveals:

  • a ranking of best and least preferred benefits

  • the impact on satisfaction of every benefit

  • what benefits have the power to WOW

  • target group differences in benefit preferences

The Feature Value Test is your guide in building strong product propositions.


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