Our recipe for successful innovation

Building blocks to design human centric and planet conscious propositions.


What is the problem your organisation wants to crack? What useful information and ideas are already out there? What assumptions and beliefs live in your organisation? What are critical success factors?

Let's capitalise on your strengths and hidden potential!


How do (potential) customers think about your category, product and services? What do they want to accomplish by using it, what 'pains' and 'gains' do they experience? What do they think about your ideas?

Find out through (online) focus groups, individual interviews, unmoderated selfie-videos, web scraping, quantitative surveying and much more!



What can we conclude from information gathered from Re-sight and Empathize? What opportunities do we see? What is the real problem? What are potential design routes and attributes?

Understand what features and attributes have the most preference by testing potential proposition features in (semi)implicit ways with tools such as best-worst scaling via MaxDiff, Conjoint and Feature Testing.


Can we come up with more ideas/solutions? How can our solutions be more human centred and planet conscious? Do we have the resources? Does it fit with our business strategy and purpose? How do (potential) customers experience our new solutions? What can we optimise?

Comprehend the appeal, understanding, relevance and potential of your concept by means of a concept test. This can be done with a small qualitative UX test or a large-scale quantitative concept test.


Discover our work

Fast-paced testing of marcom propositions

Helping a large international brewer to gain insights from their consumers in a fast and effective way.


Visit our lovely office at 'De Tuin van Bret' Kastrupstraat 11D 1043 CR  Amsterdam

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