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Smart E-bike service proposition design

The challenge

Give directions for the development of new smart e-bike services tailored to various types of e-bike users.

The approach

Our research approach was divided in three phases.

  • First, we conducted a qualitative deep dive to understand e-bike experiences and explore the experiences relative to e-bike services and the relating (smart) service needs.

  • Then, we ran a choice-based preference test between n=300 e-bike users to explore relevance, preference and impact of >60 services.

  • Based on the outcomes, the company designed two service directions, which were then validated in a proposition test (including a price test).

The results

Based on the outcomes of the research, our client could design a new data-driven service proposition for a new business model and could renew its pricing model for e-bike related services.

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We are an excited team of insight-led proposition designers with one goal at heart: unlocking the potential of every new product or service and improving them to the best version of themselves.

With our different backgrounds, we are a motivated team of professionals who believe that even the most complicated challenges can be faced with the right mix of expertise, flexibility and fun. 

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