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Communication of innovative products for an international audio company

The challenge

An international brand in the audio equipment sector needs to understand how to best communicate a new innovation that is gaining worldwide popularity.

The approach

When you launch new products in EMEA countries you need to be able to  make very quick communication choices. Within 48h we managed to carry out several surveys for various international target groups and deliver the results back to the company. As a result, our client was able to develop an effective campaign in a very short time span.


In addition, new technological developments and products are a good reason to gain more insight into the understanding, relevance, triggers and barriers of the different target groups. To do this, we make use of relatively short questionnaires and semi-implicit methods (such as conjoint) to ensure validated and actionable insights.

The results

Our results enabled the company to keep a customer centric mindset whilst making quick decisions about product features, communication and pricing in EMEA countries.


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