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We are innovation strategists and founded The Conversation Studio in 2018 with one goal: "No more crappy products in this world". Our approach is data driven. Whether it is about setting up an innovation strategy, developing new ideas, creating product concepts or boosting user experiences, customer centricity shape each challenge to boost your thinking and make better informed decisions.

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We aim for the stars

Our services and expertise are requested by, among others, Heineken, JBL, SNS, Reaal and Douwe Egberts.

With our experience in qualitative market research we know the value of non-numerical information like no other; the so-called "thick data".  A thorough analysis of this type of data is of great value for every organization that needs direction and substance to innovation.

By using new technologies - such as scraping, machine learning, AI, algorithms - thick data analysis becomes much more fun, faster and richer. We are excited by what the future will bring! 

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Product Success Navigator

We recently launched the Product Success Navigator - an advanced benchmark analysis in which we analyse real consumer experiences and product attributes to help organizations in their decision making for incremental and radical product innovation.

For 2020 our goal is to collect funding to automate this process and scale it up.


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Visit us at: Kastrupstraat 11D 1043 CR  Amsterdam

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