Feature Value Test

Validate your product benefits. Understand which ones are best valued by your customers. Create stronger propositions.

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Do you know what product benefits trigger your potential buyers?


The Feature Value Test validates your new or existing product benefits so that you can make better informed decisions and define the most optimal proposition ingredients.

It maps out:

  • a ranking of best and least preferred benefits

  • the impact on satisfaction of every benefit

  • what benefits have the power to WOW

  • pains and gains in your product category

  • the optimal combination of benefits

  • target group differences


Validate your product benefits

In a Feature Value Test you can enter product benefits of your choice. These can be a mix of existing product benefits, new product benefits you want to introduce or other interesting product benefits that competitors might have. 

We'll ask your target group to complete the Feature Value Test and deliver a visual insights report outlining your strongest and most effective product benefits. 

Do you want to validate product or service features in multiple countries? No problem at all. We'll take care of it.

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How does it work?


The Feature Value Test is a quantitative research study that offers you the most comprehensive understanding of your top product benefits from a consumer perspective. 

The Feature Value Test combines insights that derive from three powerful and proven research techniques:

Choice Based Test

Here every consumer is shown 10x a randomised set of 4 product benefits. Per set consumers indicate their preference for one of the presented product benefits. Our algorithm-based analysis ultimately ranks the product benefits from first to last. A TURF-analysis (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) provides insight into the optimal combination of the benefits. 


This methodology helps you to understand which product benefits your customers LOVE and which ones BOOST their satisfaction. Plotted on two axes, it will show you which product benefits have the power to "WOW". This revolves around two types of insights: the extent to which consumers expect a benefit / product feature to be offered and the extent to which they would miss this benefit / property if it is not there.


Pains and Gains Analysis

You can learn a lot on benefit relevance by asking open ended questions up front. Wat do consumers say about your product? What motivates them to use or not to use products in your category? What are their 'jobs to be done', 'pains' and 'gains'? Actively listening to your consumer is paramount for the success of your product.

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