Fast-paced testing of marcom propositions

The challenge

A large international brewery has several brands and product types in its portfolio that they want to bring to the consumer’s attention. Their need is to involve consumers in all aspect of the company’s decision making.

The approach

We created a direct point of contact between the company and their consumers: the “Beer Panel” (n=1250).

  • Direct engagement with the panel via Messenger.

  • Ask questions in a loose and personal way. Allows for retrieval of rich real-time insights in a natural "conversational style".

  • Data directly converted into graphs and open answers in the dashboard.

The results

  • Discover the appreciation for different kinds of campaigns or gain informative insights on the awareness of a newly bought product.

  • Explore associations between different ingredients and features or find the best wording to trigger the right choices.

  • Possibility to engage with your consumers face to face in a "live session".


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