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There’s a large variety of security system options in the market, from simple locks and cameras to 24/7 monitored surveillance and motion detection. All with different product propositions, features and benefits. This large variety of options has lead to questioning what consumers really value in these type of products and why.


A Benefit Value Test was conducted among 450 consumers in the UK to identify the high points of alarm and security systems and its most successful and impactful benefits.


The consumer insights that derive from this study help brands improve their existing propositions, give clear direction to more effective product communication and inspire new product development.


In this document you’ll find the full results of the Benefit Value Test.

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Improve your alarm system proposition to win over customers​

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We are an excited team of insight-led proposition designers with one goal at heart: unlocking the potential of every new product or service and improving them to the best version of themselves.

With our different backgrounds, we are a motivated team of professionals who believe that even the most complicated challenges can be faced with the right mix of expertise, flexibility and fun. 

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