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With the launch of The Conversation Studio in 2018, we defined one goal: a world without crappy products.

To get there, we challenge innovation and product teams to think about new products or services in terms of the value and benefits it brings for people - and our planet. As market research professionals we specialise in insights in innovation processes. Whether it is setting up an innovation strategy, developing new ideas, creating product concepts or boosting user experiences.

Our Beliefs

Our Services

Our Team

We believe new products and services need to have value to the people that use them. Our aim is to implement customer centricity and a planet-conscious mindset in every future-minded organisation to unsure every new product will be a great and successful one.

We deliver pragmatic customer insights that empower you to innovate and optimise your products and services with confidence.

We are a powerful team of insight-led proposition designers that provide pragmatic  insights and direction to any team involved in product and service development.

MSc Edo de Haas has a passion for new and exiting technologies and trends in market research. His love for products, people and marketing started at creative agency First Day of Spring. His research skills were boosted during his years with insight agencies Raphaels and WUA. Areas of expertise: qualitative and quantitative research, proposition design, web scraping, Kano-analysis.


Edo de Haas


MSc Marjolein van Ballegooij gained experience at international research agencies Kantar Millward Brown, Firefish and WUA. The focus on proposition design flourished at the insight-led innovation consultancy Clear.  In 2018 she founded The Conversation Studio. Frequently she writes columns for Marketing Tribune, gives clinics for Beeckestijn Business School and for  Hogeschool Leiden she teaches Customer Journey Mapping and Market Research.
Areas of expertise: qualitative and quantitative research, ideation / Design Thinking and proposition design.


Marjolein van Ballegooij



Graduated in Sociology , MSc Richard van Rijswijk is a quantitative research professional. He gained his expereince at Digital Coustomer Journey agency WUA as a UX researcher and market research agency Validators. He has a passion for music and people, With his curious mindset he's always on the outlook for new expereinces andinteresting conversations. 

-Research Manager



Tuana is an ambitious data scientist and behavioral psychologist with interest in finding the golden nuggest in big data. With her Phyton expertise and analytic skills she is of great value for the team and our clients when it comes to deeper consumer understanding and making sense of unstructured data.


-Market Research Analyst




Nicole is a social psychologist with an interest in behavioral change and social influence. Her knowledge on social dynamics provides a different perspective on market research as she aims to understand and predict behavior at a social level. She delves into conscious marketing as she aspires to create projects that improve people’s quality of life.

-Junior Researcher



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We are an excited team of insight-led proposition designers with one goal at heart: unlocking the potential of every new product or service and improving them to the best version of themselves.

With our different backgrounds, we are a motivated team of professionals who believe that even the most complicated challenges can be faced with the right mix of expertise, flexibility and fun. 

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